Finance 1050

Personal Finance

Interdisciplinary General Education Requirement

Finance 1050 is concerned with helping individuals understand their financial well being. Everyone uses money, and unfortunately not everyone understands how decisions concerning handling money today will affect their lives years, even decades down the road. As part of this class we read the book The Millionaire Next Door, and wrote a paper analyzing it in the context of the scope of the class.

The Millionaire Next Door in context of Finance 1050

Finance 1050 Personal Finance was a very informative course. Before taking this course, I was familiar with many of the ideas behind money management, but had never fully learned how they all fit together and were all needed to help live well today and plan well for the future. This class took all the areas that I thought I understood and connected them in a way that shows the intricacy of finance, even on a simple personal level. Learning how to manage your money and understanding how investments work is very important for everyone to know. This class has provided me with tools that I will be using for the rest of my life, and that I will do my best to teach to my children so they can have a head start.


Technology 1010

Technology and the Future

Interdisciplinary course requirement

For Technology and the Future, we read the book Colors by Gordon Young and discussed Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. both books attempt to look forward and predict what life will be like in the future, with benefits to man, technological advancement (beneficial and detrimental) and the lives of average people . They do it in a speculative manor rather than a science fictional one. I wrote a paper that also looks forward and speculates on some of the changes coming in the daily lives of normal people.

A Conversation with my Grandson

Technology 1010 was a very enjoyable class. It consisted of discussions of the development and consequences of technology that impact daily lives.  technology is all around us, and most of it we never stop to consider what it is or how our lives have changed (better or worse) because of the adaptation of technology into our lives. For the above assignment I researched current technology and either attempted to envision what might come of them in the future or combined them with other technologies in a manner that would be beneficial to those who use them. I also attempted to show that some things, while vital to our lives today, will possibly not be useful, and possibly be discarded completely, in generations to come.

This assignment really helped me understand the roll technology plays and the attitudes people can adopt toward technology they are familiar with and new ideas in technology that challenge their ideas of how society works.

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